Children With Special Needs

Our pediatric dentist is specialized to care for your child with special needs.

At Collegeville Pediatric Dentistry, we understand why your child may have some anxiety when coming to our office. It may be an unusual and upsetting experience for them. We do our best to help your child feel comfortable by building a relationship as their friend. We’re not just their dentist, we’re their close friend looking out for their oral health.

This can be a little more difficult if your child has special needs. The lights, the sounds, and the overall environment can add up to an unnerving experience. We obviously don’t want that, and we want your child with special needs to feel comfortable in our presence. We look forward to building a lasting bond with them and view it as one of the major rewards of the job in doing what we do.

Take a look at some of the ways we can help your child feel more comfortable in the dentist’s chair!

Quiet Rooms

If your child gets anxious at the dentist’s office, our quiet rooms are the perfect spot for them. This will help keep them relaxed and make sure they’re well prepared to have a pleasant experience.


Educated Staff

Our dentists are highly trained to treat your child and provide them with the proper oral care that will last a lifetime.


Sleep Dentistry

Your child may get nervous once sitting in the dentist chair during their procedure. If that’s the case, sleep dentistry will keep them calm all throughout the whole process.